Raw Food Warming Methods

Warming Methods for a Raw Vegan Kitchen
I’ll be breaking this up into two parts:
Oven Method and Dehydrator Method

All AtV recipes are warmed at the same temperature every time:
118 °F //OR// 47.78 °C

Oven Method
As I’ve progressed with AtV recipes, I’ve tried to limit the use of a dehydrator for one main reason:
Most people don’t own one.
This is where using an oven can come in handy. Yes, you can get away with using an oven to make raw food, you just need two simple things:
A Thermometer
Parchment Paper
Before using your oven do a test run to check the heat levels.
This is important because every oven heats differently, depending on whether or not you have a gas range or electric.
  • Set your Oven to its lowest heat (I set mine below the 200f mark)
  • Use a sliced tomato or even a handful of compost for your "test veggies"
  • Place your test veggies on a parchment lined baking sheet, and nestle your thermometer on top
  • Place your parchment lined baking sheet/with veggies into the oven
  • Leave the oven door cracked open roughly 5 to 6 inches
  • Let your veggies sit in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes and then check the temperature on the thermometer
  • You may need to either adjust your oven temp or readjust the oven door (opening it more or closing it more)
  • Once your thermometer reads 118 °F //OR// 47.78 °C, write down the width that your oven door is open, and also the temperature that your oven was set at (this will help you to get the same result every time), place this information somewhere in your kitchen just in case you need to refresh your memory
  • Your oven is now raw food ready! 

Dehydrator Method 
There are a lot of different dehydrators out there. I personally own an Excalibur (9 tray) with a temperature gauge, so I always know exactly what temp I’m dehydrating at.
If your dehydrator doesn’t have a temp gauge then you can simply us a thermometer (like the one noted in the Oven Method).
Every AtV recipe that requires warming, calls for the same temperature:
118 °F //OR// 47.78 °C

It’s that simple!

Stay tuned for more warming method updates to this page


  1. Thank you so much for this post!!! I've been searching for an alternative method to the dehydrator. I love your website! Have you ever considered publishing your own cookbooks? It would be a huge success! :)

  2. Im new to this raw eating lifestyle and while Im lovingit and am only on my 6th day of juicing to cleanse beforehand Ive been worried about what to do after Im done cleansing~beings that I dont have a dehydrator/ vitamix or a food processor lol but Ima figure out away to make it work until I can get these tools ! Thanks for showingme I can dehydrate using an oven and will that work for everything I wanna dehydrate ?