Friday, February 15, 2013

Tahini Miso Garlic Sauce with Warm Wilted Baby Kale and Sweet Peas

Sometimes simple understated food can be the tastiest, and adding just a couple of key ingredients can elevate a meal to a new level of effortless gourmet. Today I made a dish that I enjoy quite often for lunches and dinners, but this time it was different. I'm not gonna take all of the credit for this fabulous plate of food because the inspiration came from my bestie and super talented food blogger, Nachos of Appetite Affliction. Recently Nachos shared a recipe for North African Inspired Guacamole using Tahini as the secret ingredient. That was the original post that got me thinking about the jar of homemade Tahini sitting in the back of my refrigerator. Then, Nachos threw a curve ball with her most recent recipe for Chocolate Tahini Dressing (or Chocolate Sesame Snap Sauce). So this morning upon waking I naturally had Tahini on my brain, as well as chocolate and guacamole.
I blame this completely on you, Nachos -- thanks for reminding me of how versatile an ingredient like Sesame Butter can be! I only wish we could eat our Tahini creations together/in person. 
Tahini Miso Garlic Sauce with Warm Wilted Baby Kale and Sweet Peas
This recipe yields roughly 2 servings
Step 1.
Warm Wilted Kale & Sweet Peas
  1. Combine the Peas and Kale together before Warming
  2. Proceed to Warm your Veggies for 30 minutes until slightly wilted and warmed through
Step 2.
Tahini Miso Garlic Sauce
Garnish your plate of veggies with crushed Almonds and cracked black pepper and dig in...
What are some of your favorite recipes involving Tahini?



  1. Oooooh... this looks like something I could eat for days on end!

  2. This looks so simple! Thank you.
    My favorite tahini sauce is called Lemon Tahini Sauce out of Moosewood. Pure, simple deliciousness. Lemon juice, tahini, garlic, salt, fresh parsley, water to thin.

  3. Love the name of your blog!!!

  4. I love tahini in anything but I have been making a yummy energy bar and adding tahini which is so good!

  5. These look so simple, but I don’t like to eat green veggies. It's not tasty. So hard to eat.

    1. Not sure if this is a complaint or a question.

      If you want to eat greens, put them in a smoothie - you will not even taste them. I like to make raspberries, orange and chard leaves - yammy! You can even add something else for losing weight as well.

  6. Great pictures! So many delicious recipes!

    Where do you get raw Tahini nowadays, which tastes good?

    Thank you.