Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh, Hello!

Over the weekend Mr AtV and I took a quick trip to one of our favorite coastal getaways, celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately we returned home with a sick pup, on the brink of both us getting a cold as well, but we still managed to have a wonderful time, and made some pretty great memories too.
So as I'm sitting on my sick bum, watching too much day time television I hope you'll accept some photos of our little weekend instead of a recipe post...
Saturday morning's breakfast stop (and crappy instagram pic) of my Smoothie and Chia Seed Pudding from Living Light Cafe. One of the many reasons why I love visiting Fort Bragg; this lovely little cafe makes it easy for me to pack little to no food, since they have a convenient grab-n-go cold case and gorgeous salad bar. There's no reason to not stop by this place at least once if you're in the area.
My favorite Natural Foods Store in all of California. Look at how cute it is!
One of our favorite things to do together is get dressed up really fancy and go out on the town...
A perrrrfect Heirloom Tomato salad from Mendo Bistro
Fun fact that some of you may not know about me; I do eat cooked food sometimes - usually when we dine out, and very very rarely at home. In the case of our Anniversary dinner I had a cooked main course (Tofu and sauteed greens/seasonal veggies) which was very poorly executed, but Mendo Bistro is such a charming place and the service is so good that I'm gonna forgive them and just be more choosey on our next visit (I'm really pretty easy to please).
My drawing on our paper table cloth (I love any restaurant that provides crayons!)
Mr AtV's drawing.
My little Lucy-Goose.
Elmer, looking very much like a Japanese Chin. Lovelovelove.
For more fun pics from our getaway follow me on Instagram @addicted_to_veggies.
Our first real family photo!

I'm dying to get back into the kitchen and work on more nut free recipes, but I need my sense of taste to return first. So stay tuned, and I promise the minute I'm feeling better I'll have something yummy to share. 



  1. Thanks for sharing the pics and stories about such a wonderful, personal event. Congrats and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Love your little drawings. I always draw pictures on the paper table "cloths" too, but yours is much nicer than my flowers and sun, I still draw like a 10 year old! Love your website. Take care of those pups!

  3. Happy 5 year anniversary and congratulations! You and Mr. AtV are a very good looking couple :)

    Glad you had a fun trip. That natural food store looks adorable. Every time I'm in a new place I hunt down the co-ops and health food stores. Love find all of the quirky little gems.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I love that drawing of your table cloth. How did you sew it?