Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Romesco Bisque

In lieu of no recipe yesterday (oops!) I wanted to make up for it today with something super simple and incredibly tasty. Thankfully I had the ingredients ready and waiting in my fridge, and making this soup took literally just a few minutes...
AtV Romesco Bisque
Serves 2 people
Step 1. 
1/2 c water
Salt to taste
Step 2.
Making and Warming your Soup
In a sauce pan or bowl whisk together all of your ingredients evenly
Raw Vegan Warming Method for Sauce
Transfer your Soup to a Saucepan
 Warm  soup on your stove top at a very low heat while whisking continuously
Use a thermometer to monitor the heat...
When soup is warmed to 110/112F it's ready to be eaten!
Try This:
Add fresh chopped avocado, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper and dried crimini mushrooms to your soup. 
It also makes a great creamy/tangy/spicy dressing for a salad too.
Sorry to post and run - but I'll be back to my regular recipe schedule tomorrow. 
Hugs and happy eating to you all!



  1. oh my gosh that sounds amazing! i love the color too! gorgeous!

  2. I just sat down with a bowl of this bisque and it is so yummy. I love the spice! Definitely gonna keep this recipe close for the upcoming winter months when I need to warm up!

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  4. I made this last week and it was wonderful!! My husband loved it. I am looking forward to making it again. Thanks for sharing!

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