Friday, July 20, 2012

Sadness & Gratitude

My heart is heavy today. 
It's so true that tragedy can make even a big Country like mine seem small. As most of the Nation is still processing the horrible event that took place in a Colorado movie theater late last night, today I'm spending some time in memory of those who've suffered and lost -- reflecting upon my own life with gratitude. 
It's too easy these days, to get caught up in small things that frustrate me, like; "Arg! My facebook app is so slow!", or "Why is this driver going 10 miles under the speed limit?!". 
Today I saw friendly faces, I ate good food, I was loved by my family and my puppies - and I'm so grateful for all of it...even that slow driver who allowed me to take my time and enjoy watching the clouds break over the bay.
I hope we can all have more moments of gratitude in a time where we seem to be so easily fixated on the negative. Don't forget to be kind and compassionate not just to others, but to yourself as well.

Sarahfaé - AtV


  1. I haven't yet commented before, but wanted to now. Thank you for this post. It spoke to my heart at a time when the media is flooding those of us watching with so much tragedy.
    Thank you Sarafae.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Tamara.

  2. Beautiful post. The only moment we truly have is now. We should embrace it, make the most of it and as you say, be grateful. Thanks for the reminder. I didn't want to sign as anonymous but I didn't understand the publish choices. Sue

  3. beautiful post - so tragic what happened in CO. life is so fragile.

  4. Well said, Sarahfaye. So many mixed feelings are stirred up this weekend.

  5. thank you for posting,Sarahfaye.. you brighten my day.