Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nut Free Raw Tart Crust or Flat Bread & Appetizer Board

As promised, today I'm sharing with you a Nut Free version of my raw almond flour Tart Crust. I'm especially excited about this crust/flat bread because it totally exceeded my expectations in the flavor and texture department. Even if you're not nut-sensitive I hope you'll give this recipe a's definitely going on my raw food Staple Recipe list.
Important Notes About This Recipe
About the Seeds: While this is a nut-free recipe it definitely isn't low fat due to the seeds it calls for. I'm not afraid of healthy fat at all, so this doesn't bother me one bit. If you keep the dough thin (noted in below) you won't have to worry too much about the fat as you will only be consuming a few tablespoons of seeds in each large crust serving.
Grinding the Seeds: The recipe calls for *ground Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds. *To grind the seeds you have two options: Use your food processor //or// use a spice/coffee grinder. It's up to you - the only difference is the price of the kitchen appliance that you use. 
Seed Options:  Even thought this recipe calls for Sunflower and Pumpkin, if you prefer one above the other you can use just Sunflower seeds, or just Pumpkin seeds. It's up to you!
About the Coconut Flour: I'm always skeptical when using this particular type of flour because of its natural coconut sweetness and somewhat chalky consistency when used in certain recipes. I'm happy to say that after my first taste-test of this crust I forgot about the coconut flour completely - you can't even tell it's there. The subtlety of the Onion powder is part of this wonderful happenstance, and the nuttiness of the seeds helps as well. I'll definitely be using coconut flour in future bread recipes now that I know this is possible.
About the Dough: You'll notice the dough is quite heavy, and this is totally normal. For a light trust I recommend flattening the dough fairly thin before drying (less than 1/4'') -- this is easy because the dough is fairly pliable. At the very least it may break apart while rolling it out, and you might have to try a few times before achieving the right thickness. Don't get discouraged -- the end result is too tasty to miss out on!
Nut Free Raw Tart Crust or Flat Bread
This recipe yields roughly 16 to 24 tart crusts depending on how you score them. If you think that's too much then you can divide this recipe in half, or you can make it in its entirety and freeze half of the tart crusts after you've dried them
Step 1. 
Nut Free Tart Ingredients
2 c Sunflower Seeds *ground into a course or fine powder 
2 c Pumpkin Seeds *ground into a fine or course powder
1 c Coconut Flower
1.5 tsp Salt
1 tsp Onion powder
1/3 c Flax seed Meal + 1/2 c water - mix the Flax into the water, let it sit for 10 minutes until the flax becomes thick and gelatinous
3/4 c Water 
Step 2.
Making your Tart Crust
In a mixing bowl combine all of your dry ingredients from Step 1 and mix together evenly:
Make a well in the center of your dry ingredients and add the Flax/Water mixture from Step 2.
While your mixer is on, proceed to slowly stream in 3/4 cup of water (from Step 2)
I did this in 1/4 cup increments to ensure even mixing
Your finished dough will be thick and very heavy - this is good!
Let your dough sit for a few minutes to the ingredients that absorb all of the water
 Divide it into four quarters and get ready to flatten it out...
Once you've flattened/shaped all of your crust proceed with the following:
Drying your Tart Crust
Choose one of the following Raw Vegan Warming Methods noted here
Proceed to warm/dry the tart crust for 1 hour
After it's finished warming/drying let it cool on the counter for an additional 30 minutes
Note: For a crisper crust let your dough dry an extra 30 minutes to 1 hour

Always store your crust/flat bread in the fridge after you've dried them. 
Now that you've got  your crust/flat bread made how about assembling an amazingly flavorful appetizer board? Here's my recommendation:
Sliced up some seedless Watermelon and Cucumber. Drizzle a couple teaspoons of your favorite sweet unfiltered/unpasteurized vinegar. I am in LOVE with Napa Valley Natural's Golden Balsamic. Never had vinegar on Watermelon before? You have no idea what you're missing out on!
Pick out a few different fresh herbs - I used Mint, Cilantro and Dill.
Slice a chunk of your favorite raw vegan cheese....
This is my current project:  Raw Vegan Aged Creamy White Cheddar Cheese. Ohmygoodness, it's really good. I can't wait to share the deets on it! 
To do a quick search through my raw vegan cheese recipes: 
Go to the "search box" located on the upper right hand side of this page (right below the photo of me) 
Type in the keyword "cheese, cheeze, or raw vegan cheese" and hit search 
You'll instantly get a yummy list of links to my cheese recipes! Yay!
I also had some amazing local raw cured Olives on the side, courtesy of Henry's Olives. I'll be heading out to my Farmers Market tomorrow morning to pick up more of these tasty olives. I just can't seem to get enough of them!
Enjoy a fancy appetizer board with some of your favorite people, and don't forget to savor every single'll be gone before you know it!



  1. I'm loving that you leave the skin on your cucumber! I see so many American blogs where the skin is peeled and I'm just like - WHAT? 0_0 haha. The skin is awesome and nutritious!

    These look great! <3

    1. Hahah! I'm so glad you approve! ;) I almost always leave the skin on Cucs, with the exception of every once in a while when I have guests over who I think might prefer no skin. Silly picky veggie eaters!

  2. There are so many things about this post that I love. First, the tart dough looks great and so versatile. There are a at least a thousand things I could do with it. Nice idea for an appetizer board, perfect for a picnic! I'm an olive fanatic and am practically drooling right now. Watermelon + cucumber + vinegar = genius and I bet so refreshing on a hot summer night. And the white cheddar raw vegan cheese... really looking forward to that recipe.

    1. Thank you, Nikki! You're such a sweetie! xoxo

  3. I made the tarts this afternoon and they are fantastic!! I added a little Rosemary and Sage to half the "dough" and they were fabulous too!! Thanks so much for the easy instructions and yummy recipe!

    1. Thank you SO much for this feedback, Lizzie! I'm so glad you liked the recipe - and the addition of rosemary/sage sounds lovely!

  4. This looks amazing. Do you think a hand mixer will work for this recipe? Thank you!!!

  5. Sarahfae, obviously I just need to do this myself and experiment, but any thoughts on using chia meal in place of the flax since it also has that gelatinous quality when moistened? I don't know why, but something in me always wants to say no to flax. LOL! Other than my personal flax quirk, these ingredients seem GENIUS to me!!

  6. I would also like to know if we can use ground chia instead of flax as well. I am not a fan of flax. I love your site.

    1. Hi Angie - thanks for the comment! You can certainly try subbing chia meal for the flax in this recipe. I do't have any experience with ground chia - so if you try it and it works, please let me know!

  7. Ohhh myyyy lorrrrrd....I made these today and am SO happy with the result
    !!! Thank you so much for the inspiration. I changed it up a bit and did two cups sunflower, one cup almonds, one cup quinoa flour and one cup chickpea flour. I also added garlic powder and some chilli flakes!! I started making the dough in the morning but ran out of time so just covered it and chilled it in the fridge all day...I dont know if that made them even better but the texture and everything is just to die for! Excited to try with different flavours!!

  8. I am making the nut free raw tart crust TODAY. It looks and sounds amazing. I'm excited because I haven't found much to do with coconut flour as it's so dense. Thanks for the great post!

  9. hey just in case you didn't know, they use pressurized steam to de-fat coconut flour so it's not 100% raw. but coconut flour heats well so it's not the biggest deal! otherwise your recipe is wonderful! I'm doing my own rendition of it with rosemary and sprouted buckwheat to use for your quiche tonight!!

  10. How do you dry the bread, do you dry the it in the oven or dyhydrater