Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mediterranean Summer Tart with Nut Free Crust

Things have been relatively mellow around my kitchen this week, and while my fridge may be stuffed to the brim with food I've felt a little lazier than usual. I'm okay with this -- in fact, it's a welcome change given how many non-food related things are bidding for my attention. On days (and weeks) like today I'm grateful for having a stock-pile of yummy raw food staples in my fridge, so even in spite of my laziness I don't have to sacrifice flavorful, tasty meals. 
I still have Mediterranean cuisine on the brain, so today's lunch naturally ended up being inspired by those crisp, fresh Summer flavors! 
Follow the simple directions to play copy-cat with my latest tart creation...
Raw Vegan Mediterranean Summer Tart with Nut Free Crust
First you'll want to have one of the following made:
Nut Free Tart Crust (click here for recipe)
Raw Almond Flour Based Tart Crust (click here for recipe)
For the spread I used AtV Sour Cream spiced with cracked black pepper and minced Garlic.
If you prefer a nut free spread I recommend making a pesto like this one, and simply use sunflower or pumpkin seeds in place of the nuts that it calls for.
A layer of thinly sliced Cucumbers is next on the roster...
Tip: pat dry the cucs with a towel to remove access water so your AtV sour cream spread doesn't get runny
Garnish your cucumber slices with minced fresh Cilantro & Mint leaves...
And last but not least, top off your Summer tart with sliced cherry tomatoes and sun-dried olives.
Of course, as usual - I recommend eating this in a sunny spot outside. Even better? Share it with a friend or loved one, because good food is so much more tasty when enjoyed with good company.