Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Raw Vegan Instagram Round-up & More Tasty Teasers

Caesar Dressing all ready to go into a giant bowl of Romaine = yum!
Last week I mentioned that I was going to be posting a recipe on Monday, and suddenly I've found myself watching the sun set on a lovely Wednesday... 
The good news is that my right arm/wrist is feeling so much better, thanks to the healing hands of my wonderful massage therapist, and also because I decided to take a few more days off; hence the lack of activity on Monday. If you don't mind I'd like to share one more instagram round-up...and I'll be back in full recipe-mode come this Friday, I promise!
Banana, Strawberry, Mango Orange Smoothies before Mr AtV and I headed out to Farmers Market last Saturday
Saturday afternoon, lounging in the sunshine with a plate of Canapes; Cucumber rounds topped with French Onion Dip, sunflower seeds, and wilted cherry tomatoes
Our senior kitty, Flower decided to join me in the sunshine for a little snuggle. She's not very social these days, so I had to take a photo to document this rare event.
A yummy snack plate; Raw Almond Butter mixed with Date Paste and a dash of sea salt, paired with Gala Apple and Carrot slices
A few of my recent thrift store finds from last weekend; (top to bottom) vintage sweater clip, "Flower" pin, and the most adorable little spoon locket! I have a thing for spoons.
Super mega sun-drunk pups. Adorbs.
Mr AtV looking all handsome while he grates some Parsnip for me - what a hunk.
The aforementioned Parsnip, all grated and fluffy. You'll want to have this ready for Fridays recipe!
Me and my retro Lakers shirt. Sadly the Lakers and the Clippers didn't make it to the finals. 
A slice of Strawberry Cream pie with a glass of fresh orange juice to quell an unexpected craving for something sweet.
The next day I turned my leftover Strawberry Cream pie  into a pretty tasty smoothie. I added to it; spinach, bananas, frozen strawberries, dates, ice and water. Yum!
Sun-tea and Jazz (Miles Davis) in my kitchen.
A big bowl of Romaine Lettuce with the Caesar Dressing from the top on this post. 
This is kind of amazing - Malted Chocolate Banana Smoothie. All of you chocolate lovers had better stay tuned for a recipe. 
More fresh squeezed orange juice with a shot of spirulina on the side. This is a great post work-out treat.
And finally tonights dinner; tender Asparagus marinated in a sweet mustard-dill dressing, with fresh Avocado, on thinly slice tomato. So good with extra cracked black pepper. 
I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! See you on Friday with a new recipe!


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  1. those are some seriously amazing eats!! i could definitely do some damage with that caesar dressing!! yummm! thanks for sharing!