Friday, March 23, 2012

Almond-Macadamia "Sugar" Cookies

Being somewhat of a self-proclaimed perfectionist, when I have an idea in mind (where food is concerned) and it doesn't quite work out as planned it - even if it is really tasty - it's still a kitchen fail. However, even failures can be success stories and while these cookies may have taken me on a recipe detour I certainly can't complain about the outcome. I mean they're really really good! If you love the simplicity of a plain sugar cookie then you're going to love these little treats. With the addition of Macadamia nut, they'll make any other other sugar cookie pale in comparison.
So with my original intentions set aside (only for the time being), I'll enjoy a few of these treats as I catch up on Project Runway Allstars, sip a cup of lemon tea, and snuggle with a couple of pups (look at me multi-task!)...
Important Note About This Recipe
About the Agave: 
Something I don't use very often in my kitchen is Agave, but where these cookies are concerned you need to use it, or another liquid sweetener of equal sweet-potency. I recommend Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Raw Blue Agave. I've actually taken the time to contact Wholesome Sweeteners, inquiring to whether or not their product is truly raw. They were gracious enough to respond to my email, confirming that they do not heat their Organic Raw Blue Agave above 118 degrees. 

If you'd rather not use Agave then see the recipe for my other liquid sweetener suggestions.
Almond-Macadamia "Sugar" Cookies
Yields roughly 27 cookies
Step 1.
Dry Ingredients
In a large mixing bowl:
4 c Almond Flour (you can either make your own or use store bought)
1/2 tsp Salt
Mix together your Salt and Almond Flour
Set aside and move on to the next step.
Step 2. 
Macadamia Paste
Into your Food processor:
1 c raw Macadamia Nuts
Grind your Macadamias into a paste for about 1 to 2 minutes, until it looks like this:
Set aside and move on to the next step.
Step 3. 
Wet Ingredients
Into a small mixing bowl:
1/3 c Agave//or//Grade B Maple Syrup//or//Raw Organic Honey
3 tsp Lemon Juice
1 tsp Vanilla
Whisk everything together
Set aside and move on to the next step
Final Step
Making and Assembling Cookies
Into the large mixing bowl containing your Almond Flour
Add your Macadamia Nut Paste from Step 2
Begin to mix your Macadamia Paste into your Almond Flour
While your mixer is on stream in all of the wet ingredients from Step 3
Now you've got finished dough!
Flatten your cookies out to roughly 1/2'' thick, and try not to eat too much of the batter! 
Warming/Drying your Cookies
Proceed to warm/dry your cookies for 2 hours
After they've finished warming leave them out to cool for 30 minutes to an hour 
Keep then in your fridge for a longer shelf life
These cookies will definitely be making an appearance in the future, maybe with some cute decorations too!
Happy Friday!



  1. Man! I'm definitely making these this weekend!
    I have tried to make a raw sugar cookie for a really long time, and have never had much success at all. These look awesome. Woohoo!

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. those look delicious! drooling! ;)

  3. just made my sour cream and dehydrating my almond flour....cant wait to make these tomorrow

  4. I love that you only dehydrate 2h, I have never make raw cookies but feared that they might be dry.
    I feel the same about crackers, raw breads...

  5. I really want to make this, BUT i am allergic to almonds :( Suggestions on how to substitute?

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