Friday, February 24, 2012

Strawberry "Sugar" Cookies & Pink Powdered "Sugar"

These cookies are dedicated to all of the wonderful Pinterest users who have made and loved my Coconut-Lemon Meltaways. You have no idea how much the outpouring of your enthusiasm has inspired me. Thank you from the bottom of my veggie loving heart! 
This is also a personal dedication to my bestie, Nachos of Appetite Affliction, who like myself has an affinity for Strawberries...and cookies (biscuits) too. Lovelovelove you girlie!  
As much as I wanted to call these "shortbread" cookies the texture just doesn't compare to that of an actual shortbread. Instead I wound up with an incredibly moist, soft and decadent cookie with a very subtle flavor of fresh Strawberries. I can't complain about I stuffed them into my face making happy food noises.
There's one added bonus at the end of the cookie recipe....
While it's not necessarily for these specific cookies, it's especially for those of you who want to dust your cookies with pink powdered sugar! 
Important Note About This Recipe
About the Agave: 
Something I don't use very often in my kitchen is Agave, but where these cookies are concerned you need to use it, or another liquid sweetener of similar sweet-potency. I recommend Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Raw Blue Agave. I've actually taken the time to contact Wholesome Sweeteners, inquiring to whether or not their product is truly raw. They were gracious enough to respond to my email, confirming that they do not heat their Organic Raw Blue Agave above 118 degrees. 

If you'd rather not use Agave then see the recipe for my other liquid sweetener suggestions.
For Extra Strawberry Flavor:
Chop/mince 1 cup of dried strawberries (you should be able to find them in the bulk dried fruit section of your grocery store). 
Simply mix the minced dried strawberries into your dough before shaping the cookies.
If I had dried Strawberries on hand I totally would've done this!
Raw Vegan Strawberry "Sugar" Cookies
Yields approximately 30 cookies
Step 1.
Dry Ingredients
4 cups Almond Flour (you can make this, or buy it - however most store bought Almond flour is not raw)
½ tsp of Salt
In a large bowl, mix all of your dry ingredients together - set aside and move onto the next step.
Step 2.
Wet Ingredients
In food processor/blender combine the following:
1/3 c Agave//or//Grade B Maple Syrup//or//Raw Organic Honey
3/4 c chopped Strawberries
1/4 c AtV Sour Cream
Puree together all of the above ingredients.
After you’ve pureed you will have 1 cup of liquid
Step 3.
Adding your Dry and Wet Ingredients together
While your mixer is on:
Pour your Wet ingredients into your Dry Ingredients
Proceed to mix together your Wet and Dry ingredients evenly
Now that your batter is made you get to shape your cookies!
Be sure to keep them no thicker than 1/2'' otherwise your drying time will be longer
Final Step
Warm your Cookies for 2 hours  
Your finished Cookie will be dry on the outside and moist on the inside
Store your cookies in an air tight container in your fridge (if they last that long)
Don't be alarmed by the fact that your cookies aren't pink in appearance. Their flavor makes up for what they might lack in Strawberry "color".
Raw Vegan Pink Powdered Sugar (!!)
This is a fun option for those of you who own a spice grinder (my spice grinder is actually a coffee grinder)
Beet Powder is a fun ingredient to play around with. It's sweet with a very subtle hint of tang and earthiness. When ground up with Coconut Crystals/Palm Sugar it makes a very convincing powdered sugar. Plus, it's pink! Use beet powder sparingly in desserts because a little goes a long way. 
4 Tbsp Coconut Crystals
1 tsp Beet Powder (I found this in the bulk spice section of my grocery store)
Grind the above ingredients into a fine powder
Store this "sugar" in an air tight container in your pantry
The only thing left to do from here is gently dust your Strawberry "Sugar" cookies with your Pink Powdered Sugar...and of course eat them!
Happy Friday!



  1. Gorgeous! Perfect belated-V-day dessert. :)

    1. Thanks chicky! I know - I wish I had the time to make these a month ago! They remind me so much of my Strawberry Shortcake Doll that I used to take with me everywhere wen I was a youngin'. ;)

  2. You've totally out-done yourself in the dessert department today. That "pink sugar" is utter brilliance!!! Also, my time of the month is coming up (haha, TMI! SORRY PEOPLE!) so I'm going to have to make a batch of these this weekend. Almonds + strawberries make me stupidly happy. I'll let you know how I go!

    1. Also - Blogspot is STILL not letting me post replies with my Wordpress account. How do I complain about this? Y'know, other than whining to you? Lol

    2. Yay! I'm so glad you approve!

      I don't know what to do about the comment thingy - that is SO frustrating! :( Unfortunately the only way to get answers to questions like that is through the forum (where anyone with an account can answer. I'll do a quick search to see if anyone else has had this issue.


    3. OMG THESE ARE STUPIDLY GOOD! I can't stop eating them. Right now, I'm nomming on them for BREAKFAST!!! Haha. Oh lordy. I love you.

  3. Heaven! Here in the UK I buy freeze-dried strawberries (or in the powder form) It costs maybe $7 for 100grams but MY its worth it for special goes a long way. The freeze dry process means it keeps an intense sweet strawberry flavour (not like a regular air-dried one which becomes a little more caramelly- also yummy!)
    It is nothing but freeze dried berries but SO sweet- no sugar needed. If you can get some, you will NOT be sorry!

    1. Beth, I have to thank you - I picked up some freeze-dried strawberries at the market today and they are AMAZING! I'm definitely going to put them in the next batch of these cookies.

  4. i am blown away by your desserts! i'm so glad i found your blog! can't wait to make these!

    ps, to nachos: i can't post through wordpress on blogspot usually either. : (

    1. Argh!! Thank you! I was able to do it just fine until about 2 weeks ago. Wtfff.