Thursday, October 27, 2011

Orange Pumpkin Spice Cookies!

They're finally here!
If you've been in search of an aromatic Orange infused Cookie, with Pumpkin-spice richness and a melt-in-your-mouth texture...look no further!
This Cookie brings gourmet to the forefront - but it's SO easy to make you won't believe it.
I may have choreographed a celebratory dance due to the tastiness of these little buggers. I guess that truly speaks to how good they are...or how weird I am. 
Important Note About This Recipe
The drying/warming time for these Cookies varies depending on the thickness - the thinner the cookie the less time they'll need to spend in the oven/dehydrator. Follow the warming methods at the end of the recipe for further instructions. 
Orange Pumpkin Spice Cookies
This recipe yields a lot of cookie dough, depending on the thickness and dimension of your Cookie you could end up with around Three dozen. But don't worry, you won't have any trouble getting rid of them.
Step 1. 
Dry Ingredients
3 c raw Almond Flour (store bought will also work, although it's not always raw)
1 C Coconut Flour
Mix all of your dry ingredients together:
Set your Dry Ingredients aside and move onto the next step.
Step 2.
Wet Ingredients
2 c (packed) shredded fresh Pumpkin - I recommend Kabocha (Japanese) Pumpkin
3/4 c Coconut Crystals/Palm Sugar //or// Sucanat
3 Tbsp Orange Zest (roughly the zest of 1 Orange)
3 Tbsp Lemon Juice
2 tsp Vanilla
1 tsp ground Cinnamon
1 tsp ground Allspice
2 pinches Salt
1/4 c Coconut Oil - melted 
Puree everything together for about 1 minute total:
Move on to the final step of making your cookies!
Step 3.
Combining Dry and Wet Ingredients:
Make a well in the center of your Dry Ingredients (from Step 1) and Proceed to fill it with your Wet Ingredients (from Step 2): 
Mix everything together evenly -- until you have a big 'ol ball of yummy Cookie dough:
Yay! Cookie dough is finished!
Step 4.
Assembling and drying/warming your cookies:
Whether you're using your Oven set at it's lowest heat with the door cracked open, or your dehydrator - it all depends on how thick your cookies are in order to determine how long they will need to be in the oven/dehydrator.
My cookies were a little less than a half an inch in thickness. 
I warmed 1 batch in the dehydrator and another batch in the oven (again - set at the lowest heat, with the oven door cracked open).
The total drying time was about 2 hours for my cookies - but if you want them to set/finish quicker then simply make them thinner. 
It's as simple as that!
The end.
And what a tasty ending it is.



  1. Yum, these look great! I've been checking out your blog a lot recently because I've been on a raw, vegan kick. If you happen to have any recipes for an eggnog-like drink that would be awesome. Eggnog lattes might be my demise. Thanks!

  2. Yummm!! Such a fun recipe!
    If I don't have a mixer, can I still use the food processor to mix dry and wet ingredients?
    I'm in the process of purchasing a food processor, and I'm trying to find out how many things it should be able to do to be worth the dough! (no pun intended) :P

    Also, can I take advantage of this post to ask you details about your food processor, like watts and bowl capacity? Thank you forever, I love your blog!


  3. These look and sound amazing! A must try for sure! :o)

  4. oooo raw vegan egg-nog sounds amazing!

  5. Sarahfae! I am a designer for KitchenAid and am a vegetarian! Just wanted to say Awesome stuff and great looking stand mixer!!!

  6. Hi Zac!
    A designer for KitchenAid, eh? We should chat! I love my mixer!
    Thank you so much for the kind comment!

  7. Eating raw is a relatively new thing for me. I'm drinking green smoothies but would love to incorporate the idea into my families meals daily without them thinking "gross mom!" Thank you for providing these wonderful recipes.

  8. Have you tried to freeze these? I am looking for some recipes to make and freeze before my baby comes. Let me know if you (or anyone has) and how it turned out! THANK YOU!!

  9. I am thinking of trying this delicious-looking recipe, but there are no kabocha pumpkins where I live. What would be the best substitute for it? My options are butternut squash, acorn squash, or sweet potatoes.

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