Monday, July 18, 2011

Lazy Day: Raspberries and Cheeze bites

Looking in my fridge this morning, and out at the grey skies, then back in my fridge, grey skies, get the idea. 
Some days just feel a little less inspired than others. Not that I'm "uninspired" today, but in all honesty I'd rather be snuggled up with puppies, reading a book, eating a plate of snacks, and listening to my Leonard Bernstein album.
This right here is my FAVORITE all time album in the entire world.
The other truth to this situation, having nothing to with weather:
There's a LOT of leftovers in my fridge. Like, a LOT.
So this week is going to be dedicated to the lazy-cozy-cloudy weather, featuring simple easy recipes with whatever I have deep in the catacombs of my fridge. I hope you don't mind!
Alrighty! Lets see what I dug out of mister fridge this morning....
My fridge.
I'd show you the inside, but part of my duties today include cleaning it.
Maybe next time.
Nut-free Bread from THIS recipe post (click)
Parm Cheeze from THIS post (click)
A few Raspberries 
Now lets put it all together...
Sprinkle a little bit of Coconut Crystals (also known as Coconut Palm Sugar) on top of the Cheeze. You could also mix the Coconut Crystals into the Cheeze for an even sweeter bite.
Top with Raspberries...
Take advantage of the perfectly overcast outdoor lighting, and take a bunch of pictures while building up your appetite...
Yummmm. These were practically perfect in every way.

In addition to lazy leftover recipes this week, I'll be taking another look at one of my least favorite foods:
The Eggplant.
In an effort to try and love all things grown from the ground, I hope to find a new exciting way to "treat" this Aubergine devil.  
Wish me luck, I need it!



  1. I love eggplant! My suggestion would be the sunflower seed 'breadcrumbs' I've seen you use in the past, and maybe some salt on thin slices and dehydrated for 2 hours? Good luck! Eggplant grows on people after a while.

  2. Hi Jane!
    Thank you so much for the encouragement. I have a few ideas that I'll be trying out this week - I love the "breading" idea too!


  3. I love that you stay so inspired. I was just telling someone that earlier and I had to make sure you know how much I appreciate what you're doing here. You definitely remind people that raw doesn't mean boring!

  4. oh, wow that looks amazing!!! I wish I had more time....I need more time to really create great dishes like yours. I guess I could put the 5 children to work. Raw Chefs in Training!
    peace & raw health,

  5. Just curious . . . what happened with the eggplant? My only attempt at it raw turned out inedible (to me. My friend liked it. I still don't understand how she could eat it.)

  6. Hi Anonymous -
    You caught me! I had quite a horrible go with the two eggplants that I recently had in my kitchen. But I'm still not giving up! Just taking a little break. I promise I'll try again until I can figure something out. The idea of "not liking" any veggie is not a good thing to me - so I'm determined. :)
    Here's an old Eggplant recipe (my only one) that's not horrible, in fact it was pretty tasty. It's just fairly extensive with the prep and dehydrator time: