Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Farmers Market & Ouch!

Sadly I have no recipe to share this Wednesday. 
A little sports injury had me in "rest mode" for most of yesterday and all of today. I could complain about this, but it's really nothing major - and I'll be happily visiting my chiropractor tomorrow morning to get things sorted out. Apologies to you all for no new recipe, apologies to my two little pups who won't be getting a walk today, and apologies to Mister AtV who won't get to slow dance with me in the Kitchen (to my favorite 1940's jazz tunes) as per our usual Wednesday night tradition.  
I did however manage to get out to my Farmers Market yesterday morning, and I brought my camera with me too! How about some pretty pictures?
I'd also like to say a special Thank You and hello to:
 Pete at Willow Creek Farms for his beautiful Carrots (and carrot tops!),
Heather at Organic Matters Ranch for her gorgeous Romaine and Red leaf Lettuce, 
and Mike at McIntosh Farm for his lovely Snow Peas. 
All of which you will see in some of my upcoming recipes! 
Support your local growers!
Puppies crashing my Farmers Market photoshoot...
Lucy knows a good carrot when she smells one.
Serious begging skills.

Hope you're all doing wonderfully, and Happy Summer!
See you back here on Friday with something new - I promise.


  1. I want to dry hump this post.

  2. Be my guest! Just mind the Artichokes, they can be prickly sometimes ;)

  3. I will take photos like this any day! I especially love the one of Lucy sniffing the carrots and the other one lying on her side in the back!!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. beautiful!! cute pups.
    mend well, and soon!
    peace and raw health,