Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Creamy Pesto Zucchini Pasta & Asparagus Ribbons

This recipe is so simple yet so gourmet. It's full of flavor, wonderful texture, and the perfect dish to spoil a special someone with. Even if you eat it alone in the company of two little begging pups you'll feel spoiled - I promise!
Here's the neat thing about this dish: you can have everything ready and prepped the night before and it literally takes only a couple of minutes to put it all together and warm it up. The Zucchini and Asparagus makes a completely dreamy combination of texture that won't have you missing real pasta. Of course if you must have real pasta then I recommend at least keeping the Asparagus ribbons. They really elevate this dish to a special level of "yum".

Important Note About This Recipe
The only important thing I can think of to tell you is to wait on combining all of the components together until you are ready to eat this as a meal. This is where having all of your ingredients ready and prepped is wonderful.
Think ahead people!
Creamy Pesto Zucchini Pasta & Asparagus Ribbons
This recipe yields 2 medium sized portions. I recommend serving with a hearty side salad or an additional Protein of choice
Step 1.
You're going to want to make 1 Batch of this:
Creamy Carrot-top & Chive Pesto
If you don't have Carrot greens on hand, simply substitute them with the same measured amount (seen in the recipe) for one of the following:
Okay, now that you've made your Creamy Pesto, set it aside (in an air tight container) and move on to the next step!
Step 2.
Prepping your Veggies
2 c Zucchini Pasta
You can do this by using a spiral slicer - or you can do it by hand following the directions seen in this post, by using a veggie peeler:
2 c Asparagus Ribbons
Following the directions for "ribbon slicing" seen in this post, by using a veggie peeler:
Now put your Zucchini Pasta and Asparagus Ribbons together in a bowl...
Add your Creamy Pesto from Step 1.
Mix it all together evenly (I may have used my hands for this)...
Oh la la! You're almost finished!
All you have left to do is warm your Pesto Pasta following one of the two methods noted below:
Dehydrator: Evenly spread your Pasta onto a Parchment lined dehydrator sheet and let it warm for 15 minutes, or until it's warmed all the way through. It's that easy!
Conventional Oven: Evenly spread your Pasta onto a large baking dish or pan. Set your oven at its very lowest heat, and leaving the oven door cracked open proceed to warm your pasta for up to 15 minutes, or until it's warmed through completely.
What happens when your veggie Pasta has been lightly warmed with the Creamy Pesto?
It's basically food magic! The Pesto turns into this amazingly rich and wonderfully textured sauce. You don't really need anything more than that - maybe a garnish of minced Parsley or Chive and a little salt and pepper. You won't believe how simple and gourmet this dish is. I truly hope you make it!

P.S. I might be doing another "Pasta" dish this stick around, k?


  1. i love zuke pasta, and it's zuke season, so it's raw pasta time! i do more homemade marinara than pesto, but considering all the basil we have at home, we've actually had a similar dish to this recently - we made the pesto from basil and pine nuts (instead of macadamias) and a few other things, however :)

  2. Yay! Zuke season!
    I should have mentioned that in addition to my dislike of raw basil (for digestive reasons) I also have a fear of pine nuts! What a weirdo I am - right? Thankfully my healthy obsession with Macadamia nuts always seems to save the day! ;)
    I might have a variation on Marinara for you to check out this Friday, mister Sleuth.

  3. I LOVE this, and the photos are completely gorgeous! How do you think some raw hemp seeds would taste in that? I have a raw sauce recipe for ya, also!! xox

  4. Caitlin, you little vixen you! Genius! I think raw Hemp seeds would be AMAZING with this - you could even take out some of the macadamia nuts from the pesto and sub with (however much you take out) hemp seeds.
    Send me that raw sauce recipe stat!

  5. Hello, i kind of have a stupid question...
    My oven has a "Warm" setting and also a very low temp setting. So when you say "set your oven at it's lowest temp" should i be setting it to "warm" or the very lowest number temp?
    I'm looking forward to trying this out! I've never tried heating my zuke pastas.

  6. Hey Stella!
    Thank you for this comment.
    Here's what you do:
    If "warm" is lower on your dial than the lowest "number temp" (I think it is on most ovens) then set it at "warm". :)
    I hope this helps! And don't forget to leave that oven door cracked open!


  7. Awesome, thank you!
    I just used this method to warm my veggies for a raw pad thai I made this afternoon. So incredible!
    Next up is trying this great sounding creamy pesto "pasta" :)
    Thanks again!