Monday, February 28, 2011

Mmmonday: Raw Milk & Exciting News about AtV Recipe Help

Something magical happened when I made my first batch of AtV Sour Cream
It was almost like I turned into a cartoon character with an amazing idea, you know, with an enormous light-bulb appearing over my head?
That light-bulb idea went something like this:
"I can seriously put AtV Sour Cream into almost any recipe, making it even tastier than before, AND easier to make!"
And basically that's what I've been doing. 
There's going to be some important changes happening at Addicted to Veggies within the next couple of weeks. Among those things will be a Recipe Help Page featuring:
  • Must Have Food for all of your AtV Recipe making needs, AKA: Kitchen Staples
  • Substitute information - detailing sweetener options and cream options
  • Technique information and assistance
  • Heating Methods
  • Important Kitchen tools, my personal favorites, and what to use if you don't have fancy equipment.
You can definitely expect to find AtV Sour Cream in on the new "Recipe Help Page" Must Have Food section, along with frequently updated links to the recipes that contain the very versatile cream. One of those recipe links is what you're going to see here today: 
Super Easy Raw Vegan Milk!
Okay, so the trickiest and most time consuming aspect of this recipe is the making of AtV Sour Cream
AtV Raw Milk
In a jar with a lid combine the following:
4 heaping tsp AtV Sour Cream
1 cup & 3/4 cup Water
Place the lid on your jar and SHAKE IT! Shake what your mama gave you.

For the creamiest milk possible you can opt to strain it to remove any pulp - but you might not even need to do this part.
And there you have it. It's that simple!
Simple Raw milk was never simpler!
Now go have a bowl of cereal and feel good about yourself!

Important note: 
Make AtV Sour Cream and freeze it in small batches. This way you can use it as you need without fear of the cream spoiling. It will store in your fridge for about 2 weeks, and store in your freezer for 2 to three months (if your Cashews are very fresh). 
Make sure to always refrigerate (or even freeze) your nuts when you're not using them in recipes! This will ensure that they stay fresh for a longer amount of time.
I like to make double batches of AtV Sour Cream because I use it SO much now, and for me it's all about being efficient in my kitchen. The more prepared I am for a recipe the better. So think ahead and make AtV Sour Cream!




  1. Yay for the new features! And I LOVE that cartoon!!!

  2. so awesome, Sarahfaé! i'm looking forward to your new recipe help page. nice! i absolutely adore strawberry shortcake (and hello kitty) - i still have my comforter from when i was 2 and i have the glass salt and pepper shakers from the 80's as well. just love 'em! i've always been too darn lazy to make my own nut milk, which is downright ridiculous - i've even got a nut milk bag. totally gonna try your sour cream AND make nut milk, too. yay!

  3. That is SUCH a good idea! I love it when I find new ways to be efficient with food. Looking forward to all the new info pages. =) I'm sure it's super exciting for you!

  4. You're such a sweetiepie Allie! Thanks for sharing my excitement!

  5. This is great! Do you think I could make your sour cream with macs instead of cashews??
    Peace and Raw Health,

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