Monday, February 21, 2011

Mmmonday Breakfast: Loaded Cottage Cheeze

Fist of all I want to apologize because this isn't exactly what I would call a "pretty plate of food". It's more of a "lumpy plate of drabness". The entire time I was taking photos I kept thinking of my secret girl crush Wendy McClure, and her incredibly witty book The Amazing Mackerel Plan (Classic Diet Recipe Cards from the 1970's).  
"I wonder what Wendy would say about this unattractive plate of lumpy 70's looking food?"   
In my defense it was so good that I needed an excuse to have it again for lunch. So I decided to try my hand at "re-plating" the dish in an effort to make it look a little bit better. Hah! You tell me...
Oh well. I tried.
Last night I was mulling over todays breakfast post, knowing well that I didn't want anything really sweet. I've gotta pace myself with the sweet stuff. 
There was a big batch of Caraway Cottage Cheeze already made in the fridge, and that lead me to think of one of my earliest childhood/food related memories. 
My Mom would always have a bowl of Cottage Cheese with sliced Peaches, and Sunflower Seeds - for a meal and even a snack. When I was younger and ate dairy I never branched out to try Cottage Cheese because to me it smelled stinky, and didn't look appetizing at all (Sorry Mom). 
Only recently (about three years ago) did I bravely decide to make the Cottage Cheese recipe from The Uncheese Cookbook.  The verdict? With a little bit of tweaking it was deemed a success! 
Okay - now fast forward to a little more than a year ago. I decided to revisit the Uncheese recipe and attempt to make it into a raw vegan Cottage Cheeze. Basically subbing the Tofu for Macadamia Nuts and Zucchini. When it turned out tastier then I ever expected I did a happy dance in my kitchen, and put Caraway Cottage Cheeze on my list of AtV favorites!
So without further ado, this recipe goes out to two awesome ladies: My Mom, and the very inspiring Wendy McClure.
Loaded Cottage Cheeze
1 medium sized Golden Delicious Apple //or// Bartlett Pear chopped
Equal Amount of Red or Yellow Bell Pepper - chopped
3 or 4 Tbsp Sunflower Seeds
Toss with:
1 tsp Lemon Juice
1/2 tsp Pepper
Cayenne Pepper to Taste
Sea Salt to Taste
Add your Caraway Cottage Cheeze to your bowl of Apple & Peppers
If you're crazy like me then feel free to add more ground Caraway and Dillweed to the bowl...
Toss it all up
And plate it on top of some sliced Tomato and your green of choice..
After you've licked your plate clean turn on your favorite Ultra Swank compilation (Mine is Music to Buy Toasters By) and have scroll through Wendy's entertainingly narrated Weight-watchers Recipe cards. Buy her books too! She's really quite wonderful!



  1. what a great breakfast option! sweet things in the morning are just too much to handle.

  2. totally sounds like my kinda breakfast. so awesome, Sarafae! i'm glad the cottage cheeze turned out to be gloriously good - it looks crazy delicious. my mother, grandmother, and i (in my pre-vegan days) used to love the hell outta some cottage cheese with peaches (my grandmother also ate hers with catalina dressing. (((shudder))). eek!). sunflower seeds sound like a great addition, too.

    i think you're the first person i've known to mention Wendy McClure. i love her so much! she had me with It's Not The New Me waaaay back in the day, and i've been following her blog/site ever since. rock on! i'm excited about her new book which should be coming out soon, too. MEGAyay!

  3. this looks freaking delish! i want this to eat like now haha super yummy

    your veggie cooking abilities never cease to amaze me!


  4. That looks great. I can't even stomach the idea of cottage cheese anymore! This is a great thing you have created!! Pics do look great by the way.
    Peace & Raw Health,