Monday, January 31, 2011

Red Sunflower Caraway Bread

I've been meaning (honestly! I swear!) to post this so much sooner than now, but unfortunately some personal health issues have kept me from doing too much other than simply resting. I'll be writing more on that subject in my next post, because it's very important (and relevant to some changes you'll be seeing on AtV) but for now I want to share with you all this amazingly wonderful and very tasty new raw vegan bread recipe!

Before-hand Prep: 
Soak 4 cups of Sunflower Seeds for 4 to 6 hours ***Keep in mind that sunflower seeds expand when soaked, so while this recipe calls for 4 cups of soaked Sunflower seeds, you will want to measure them again after they soak.
You will either need to make or puchase Beet Juice for this recipe - however you can opt to use water instead - see directions in step 3 for more information.
Step 1. Beet Juice:
1/2 lb Red Beets (weigh this at your grocery store before buying)
Peel and Chop your beets into 1/2 inch chunks
2 Medjool Dates - pits removed
2 c Water 
Blend all of the above
Place your cheese cloth over a large wide-mouth jar, securing the cheese cloth with a rubber-band
Strain your beet juice through cheese cloth and squeeze the beet pulp to remove access liquid 
**You will only need 3/4 c of Beet Juice for this recipe
This will yeild roughly 1 & 3/4 c Beet Juice - so freeze the juice that you don't use in an air tight container.
Step 2. Prepping your bread:
Into food processor add the following:
Measure out 4 cups of your ***soaked Sunflower Seeds
4 to 5 Tbsp of Ground Caraway Seed (you can use more or less if you prefer)
Salt to taste
Pulse your Sunflower and Caraway mixture until it looks like this:
Step 3. Making your bread:
Transfer your Sunflower Mixture from Step 2 into a mixing bowl and add the following:
1 c ground Flaxseed 
3/4 Beet Juice - you can opt to use water in this recipe, however I do reccomend including the pureed dates (see Beet juice recipe) for a slight sweetness that works well with the other flavors
Mix all of the above together evenly, until it looks like this...
Step 4. Deydrating/Conventional Oven:
Follow the directions in THIS POST for shaping and dehydrating your bread, or how to use a conventional oven if you don't have a dehydrator! 
Also keep in mind that this will make a good amount of bread, so don't hesitate to freeze it once it's all been made. 

Red Sunflower Caraway Bread with chopped baby greens mixed up in Mashed Avocado, salt and pepper, Sauerkraut, topped with homemade raw Thousand Island (recipe for that will be coming soon).



  1. Absolutely amazing--that looks so wonderful. You blow me away with each and every recipe!
    Peace & Raw Health,

  2. You are SO sweet Elizabeth! Thank you for such a kind comment :))