Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Easy Raw Vegan Bread (nut free!)

After roughly four batches of ho-hum and so-so attempts at making a good simple recipe for raw bread, I finally have it ready to share! 
Since the Holidays came to a close earlier this month I've been working on writing up a "formula" of sorts for my basic structured daily meal plan. One very important component thus far has been bread, and incorporating that into at least two meals a day. Thanks to the ease and affordability of this recipe I can now include home-made raw bread into my meals with no problem! One thing I love about this bread is how easy it is to make it sweet or savory with just a little bit of tweaking - as long as you are careful of the water content you really can't go wrong. 
So without further ado - here is my simple, no frills raw bread recipe!
For this recipe you will need: 
- Either a food processor OR a sharp knife+cutting board+and lots of patience
- Large mixing bowl and mixer OR big mixing spoon and some gusto
- Dehydrator OR Conventional Oven set to it's very lowest heat 
- 4 Large Pieces of Parchment Paper - each piece roughly 24 inches long
- A Rolling pin
Simple AtV Seed Bread
4 c Oat groats (pre-soaked over night)
1 c Flaxseed Meal
1 tsp Sea Salt - or to taste
In a food processor pulse/chop Oat Groats and Flaxseed Meal (you can do this by hand with the Oat Groats but you will need to do it in small batches). You will want your Oat groats and Flaxseed to look like this:
Transfer your Oat groats and Flaxseed meal to a mixing bowl and proceed to add the following:
3 Tbsp Black or White Sesame Seeds (optional)
1 cup of water mixed with 3 tsp Date Sweetener (sweetener is optional)
With a hand-mixer or mixing spoon evenly mix your water and seeds into your Oat groat/Flaxseed mixture - it should look like this:
Divide your mixture into fours and proceed to your Parchment Paper...
If you want a square or rectangular piece of bread then here's what you'll need to do:

- Place 1/4 of your bread mixture onto the center of your large piece of Parchment paper
- Fold the Paper in half so that it is sandwiching your bread mixture
- Proceed to use your hands to flatten the bread and then a rolling pin to evenly spread/smooth it out
Proceed to fold the sides of your Paper and continue using the rolling pin to smooth/flatten
You do not want to make your bread any less that 1/4 an inch in thickness, so be careful not to flatten too much!
When you open up your Parchment paper your end result should look something like this!
Using scissors you can trim off the access paper around the edges of the bread - leaving the bottom piece of paper intact.
Once you have cut your bread into the desired shape/size you can proceed to dehydrating it!
Dehydrator Method: Place your Bread (with parchment paper on the bottom) into dehydrator and proceed to heat for 2 hours. After the 2 hour mark flip your bread over and remove the parchment paper. Proceed with dehydrating for at least 1 more hour. Your finished bread should be firm but NOT hard...unless of course you prefer a cracker type bread. If all else fails you can put it back into the dehydrator for longer. This recipe makes a good amount of bread. If you are worried about it spoiling then you can store it in your freezer and dehydrate it to thaw/dry it out.
Conventional Oven Method: Place your bread (with parchment paper) onto a cookie/cooling rack. Place the cooling rack onto a baking sheet. Place the bread, rack, and sheet into your oven, leaving the oven set at it's very lowest heat with the door cracked open (roughly 6 to 7 inches open). You will want to check your bread every hour to make sure it doesn't harden or cook to quickly. Turn your bread over after the first hour, and remove the parchment paper. Your bread should only take roughly 2 hours in the oven. Your finished bread should be firm but NOT hard...unless of course you prefer a cracker type bread. If all else fails you can put it back into the oven for longer. This recipe makes a good amount of bread. If you are worried about it spoiling before eating it all then you can store it in your freezer and warm it in the oven it to thaw it/dry it out.
For a Savory bread try adding 2 Tbsp Onion Powder and dried Parsley - I also added cracked black pepper to this and it was lovely!
For a subtle Sweet bread reduce your water by 1/4 cup, and add 1/4 c Date sweetener or mashed Banana.
Hope you love this as much as I do! 
And stay tuned for a LOT of variations on the "open faced sandwich"!


  1. Yummy! This sounds and looks amazing.

  2. That looks wonderful!! I have yet to find a really good raw bread that I like.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  3. Do you know of anything I might be able to use instead of flax in this recipe? Flax tends to make me sick.

  4. Hi Jordan - thank you for the comment!
    You can omit the Flax and replace it with Oat Groats. The texture and flavor will change, but give it a try! Or you can try adding 1 c Ground Sunflower Seeds in replacement of the flax.
    Also, I'll be posting another bread recipe soon with no flax, so stick around :)


  5. That is so neat looking! And I love how you did the parchment paper. Just using parchment makes me happy.

  6. i love raw sandwiches! and raw breads are a great way to use my veg pulp from my juices...they give that really nice "bready" consistency

  7. What temp do you dehydrate these at? I made them last night but don't think i "cooked" them at the right temperature.

  8. Hi Kristin - I dehydrate them at around 118, maybe a little less. If all else fails leave the bread in longer. I hope it turned out for you!

  9. AWWWW! I just noticed that hand embroidered tea towel in one of the pictures. I love those gosh darn it.

    Will let you know how my attempt at your recipe turns out Thank you "n_n"

    Mrs. G.

  10. This bread recipe is awesome! I have just begun to embrace the raw lifestyle and my new Excalibur dehydrator ever arrived yesterday! Your bread recipe is the first thing I have tried to make and it is so delicious! I love that there are no nuts in this recipe. I turned the bread into crackers and am enjoying them with a cup of soup as I type. Thanks for creating such a wonderful recipe!


  11. That last picture looks soooo gooood!!! What's on top of the bread and sprouts? Where can I find the recipe?

    p.s. just found this blog and I love it already! :)

  12. I have made several recipes from your blog and they have all been amazing!! I am in love with everything you create!

    Quick question, do I store the bread in the fridge or on the counter?

    Thank you for all you do

    1. Hi Tashh, thank you so much for the comment!
      To answer your question; storing the bread (or any kind of raw bread) in the fridge is always a good idea, and ensures that it stays fresh for a longer period of time. :)

  13. Can I ask it this a softer texture type looks like a cracker that is why I ask. I have been buying "sunbread" in Australia but would like to make my own softer type raw bread as a change from crackers

  14. where have all the photos gone?