Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Raw Vegan Thanksgiving

I don't know about you guys, but the first time I ever tried a Parsnip my world was forever changed. I was like: "whoa!" and then "what?" and then "ohmygodnesss" and then...
Well, you get the idea. 
They were the perfect consistency of starch/sweet/spice all wrapped up in a root veggie. I knew I had found a rival to mashed potatoes, and I was thrilled. You see, it's especially difficult for me around the holidays since choosing to eat a predominantly raw diet, because I miss my mashed potatoes SOO much. Last year I made these Mashed Parnips for Thanksgiving. They were good, but I realized upon revisiting the recipe that my technique for getting them really truly creamy was WAY off. WAY OFF. 
Tonight, I ran over the old recipe, tweaked it a little bit, added a much needed ingredient, and BAM! The best mashed Parsnips I've EVER had. 
Perfect for my Raw Gourmet Thanksgiving Menu, and even more perfect to share with you all tomorrow... 
Along with my "Dessert Cranberry Sauce" recipe too. 
You are not going to want to miss these recipes. I promise. So don't go anywhere, k?
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