Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AtV's Do's and Don'ts of Travel Food

Let me start this off by first noting that I'm not claiming to be any kind of authority when it comes to packing food for travel. I'm learning...and the following is simply confirmation of this. I hope to improve with every road trip, and hopefully through this educational learning process I can offer some helpful hints to you all...along with some cute pics of puppies too.
DO: Write a meal plan at least 1 day before you leave for your road trip! This should happen AFTER you've assessed what food is in your fridge, and what food you will be bringing with you.
DON'T: Write a meal plan the day of your road trip (while sitting in your car) This will result in a very poorly written meal me gusta.

DO: Bring a cooler with all of your refrigerated items 
DON'T: Forget the ice!

DO: Pack dessert...and be prepared to eat it for breakfast.
DON'T: Forget to share with your family. (Sorry you guys! Love you!)

DO: Pack a survival bag that can stay next to you while you're in the car - with plenty of dry foods and some fresh fruit like Bananas or Apples.
DON'T: Worry about packing too much dry food snacks...these won't go bad. My dry foods snack consisted of:
Apples & Bananas!

DO: Eat at the very first sign of hunger!
DON'T: Push back eating until you've reached your destination...this will result in eating a big plate of food that might be really really yummy, but could also end up giving you a tummy ache.
In above photo: My first meal upon reaching our destination: Tomatoes & Herb RicottaBrown 'Rice' Salad with Broccoli, Onions, Sprouts and Two Herb Squash.

DO: Have a midnight snack if it involves some kind of fresh produce.
DON'T: Forget to pack a yummy Salty-Sweet Cashew Almond butter --- recipe coming soon!

DO: Eat before you go out to breakfast if you're not sure what the breakfast menu where you're going looks like.
DON'T: Hesitate to pick apart a menu - most friendly local eateries will happily let you order a bunch of sides for you to mix up onto one plate! One of my breakfasts consisted of an amazing salad with all kinds of veggies and salsa for dressing!

DO: Pack one really really yummy dip for veggies. Mine was Caraway Cottage Cheeze.
DON'T: Pack more than two probably won't need them. And if all else fails you can pick up some Avocados for a quick Guacamole.

DO: Pack one leafy green - mine was sprouts.
DON'T: Forget to bring a salad dressing.
In above photo: Creamy Anti-Pasta Salad --- recipe coming soon.

DO: Pack one batch of Veggie Miso Soup & a half batch of Brown 'Rice'.
DON'T: Be afraid to put sprouts in your soup!
In above photo: Creamy Veggie Miso Soup with Brown 'Rice' and crumbled dehydrated Mushrooms --- recipe coming soon.

DO: Incorporate puppy-snuggle time into your snack breaks.
DON'T: Lay might fall asleep!
Honestly the biggest frustration I experienced with my travel food is that I once again packed WAY too much. This isn't that big of a deal really, but I hope that I'll eventually unlock some kind of hidden secret to packing the perfect amount of food. The best lessons learned from this trip (concerning travel food) were: 
DO: Pack foods/sauces/dips that can be combined to make new flavors. 
DON'T: Be afraid to pack your own herbs/spices - even if you're going to stay with friends.

I'll be back on Friday to share a new recipe - I hope you'll be back too!


  1. I always end up packing too little. That may be because I usually pack for 2, and the other person eats a lot more than me in a sitting. Hmm...

  2. Looks like success. I haven't packed much food going on trips (besides day trips) before, but this looks like better food than I usually end up eating! Going to visit my brother this weekend... maybe I should start planning what to bring.

  3. Your travel food looks so much better than mine!

  4. i really just love this post. its amazing. i don't travel to often, but every time i do i feel i get better at it. hopefully next time there will be puppies involved.

  5. I love your organizational tips and pictures! And that you had salad for breakfast!!!

  6. Thanks SF! This is mega helpful - I'm gonna be packing food for myself this weekend... :) Now I'm checking your blog for some inspiration 'cos you know all about this sort of thing xx