Thursday, August 26, 2010

AtV Update --- Interview with Addicted to Veggies

My lovely friend Amanda over at Hungry Vegan Traveler recently invited me to do an interview for her which I excitedly said "Yes, Yes, Yes!" 
There's really a lot of wonderful things going on over at Hungry Vegan Taveler, so I hope that in addition to checking out the interview, you will also make a note to visit Amanda's blog frequently! Simply put, she's lovely, and so is her ambition. 
Go say hello for me...
Introduce yourself! Where are you from, what is your family like, pets, hobbies, interests, etc.
Hiya Constant Cravings readers!
I’m Sarahfaé, the writer/creator of 
Addicted to Veggies – a blog that solely revolves around plant-based recipes, and posting them as often as I can come up with new ones!
I live in a foggy little town on the coast of Northern California (Eureka to be exact), in a cozy vintage Craftsman style home with my two pups (Elmer & Lucy), two kitties (Lola & Flower), and most importantly my very supportive hubby; Mister AtV.
Most days you’ll find me in my kitchen, making some sort of food related mess, or scouring through my cookbooks looking for 
recipe inspiration. My happiest state is almost always after I’ve made a recipe that I deem successful – which is usually followed by ridiculous levels of excitement (on my part) and then going down a list of “taste testers” to call up. Have you ever done a “Drive-by-fooding”? If not then I highly recommend it! A “Drive-by-fooding” involves leaving a pretty package of really yummy food on an unsuspecting friend’s doorstep, and promptly driving away so as not to be caught. So much fun!

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  1. Awesome interview!

    I was just up in Humboldt County visiting my grandma and was impressed with the vegan selection there...Eureka Natural Foods was a great store!

    There was even a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in teeny-tiny Ferndale! Just shows how much has changed since I grew up there!