Tuesday, August 24, 2010

AtV Staple Recipe: Sweet Garlic "Aioli"

Fact: I've never actually tried real Aioli. 
Last night, after finishing up a very exciting new recipe (see the end of this post for a photo teaser), for some reason I thought to myself: "You know what this recipe needs? A good Aioli sauce!" 
Upon realizing that I didn't have any idea what real Aiolo consisted of (aside from maybe mayonnaise - ick!) I went straight to Epicurious and found the recipe help I was in need of. So here is my version of a classic and simple sauce, with an AtV twist of course. I beg you to make this! Eat it with whatever you please! Just make it! Something so good and so simple should not go untasted. Get thee to thine blender, and take this recipe with you...

Sweet Garlic Aioli
makes roughly 1 cup
3/4 c Yellow Squash //or// Zucchini - peeled and chopped
1/2 c Canola or Safflower Oil (do not use Extra Virgin Olive oil)
2 Tbsp Lemon juice
2 tsp Garlic - minced
1 tsp Mustard
2 Medjool dates - soaked in warm water for 10 minutes
1/2 tsp Paprika
*optional - Cayenne pepper to taste (adds a great kick)
Puree the above ingredients until smooth and creamy. Store in air tight container in fridge...and get ready to use it in one (or both) of the following upcoming recipes...
Broccoli Cakes 
(a very dangerously tasty play on the familiar Crab Cake)

Brown 'Rice' Sushi with Spicy Aioli or Spicy Almond butter
Now the question is...which recipe do you want to see first?
Comment to let me know!



  1. Yum! They all look so tasty!! It's a close call but I 'd love to see the Broccoli cakes recipe first!

  2. Thanks Rosalie! I'll admit that I'm leaning more towards the Broccoli Cakes myself...they are really to die for!

  3. "I beg you to make this!"

    Apparently it takes bold text and exclamation points to get me to shop for ingredients and break out the vitamix. I made Aioli sauce!

    The first time I made the mix, I forgot to pit the dates... that's like the third time I've tried to blend date pits. Ouch.

    It was tasty, but of course too dangerous to eat. So, I carefully cleaned the blender and gave it a second try...

    The second batch we ran out of oil so I ended up with higher ratio of zucchini to canola oil, and it was just as good. Most people will probably like your original recipe, but since I eat so little oil, it turned out really well.

    Thanks for talking me into this one.

  4. mmmm your site always makes me so hungry. I'd lvoe to see the Brown "rice" sushi

  5. They both look amazing but I would love to see the sushi! I am always looking for a good vegan sushi recipe. Plus those are the most gorgeous rolls I've ever seen!

  6. Dude. I need both of this recipes IMMEDIATELY.

    I love making brown-rice sushi. Lovelovelove. (But I make it with brown rice, which you probably don't since it's not raw.)

  7. I would like to see both, but leaning more towards the broccoli cakes. I make raw sushi all the time and have a good recipe. Maybe you can post both of them or one now and another at a later time....

    Thanks for all of your hard work and all of your recipes!!

  8. Um, made the aoli! Yum! Would have loved more garlic, BUT I think the garlic flavor will "marinate" a bit more over night. Delish. Putting it with the AtV Brown "rice" sushi. Nummy!