Friday, July 9, 2010

AtV is Thinking of You

Various family and friend related events have kept me so ridiculously busy over these last couple of weeks, and I have truly been missing my "kitchen time". 
I just wanted to drop a quick little hello while I get reacquainted with google reader, my cookbook collection, and later on --- my memory-foam pillow. 
Favorite thing about Summertime: Nectarines! I could eat them all day long for every meal, and still want more.
What about you - what's your favorite summer/seasonal fruit?

Coming soon: RECIPES!



  1. nectarines are super YUM.
    my favorite, however, will always be cherries. it's kind of a big deal that i love them the way i do, considering you have to spit out the seeds [and i feel really rude spitting seeds 24/7], and that a bag usually costs me $10.
    watermellon and blueberries tie for my second fav.
    can't wait for some delish nectarine recipes!

  2. Hi chickies! Thanks for the comments!
    I think because the weather has finally warmed up in my area (I live in the land of fog) I'm on a perpetual fruit and smoothie kick.
    No complaints though. :)
    Haven't gotten my hands on watermelon yet...that's gonna be dangerous.

  3. Hello!

    Did you eat the entire bowl of sliced nectarines? I could probably do that right now.

    My favorite summer food is corn!!!!! Oh...but you asked about fruit, didn't you? Hmm. Could corn still count?

    We have raspberries and blackberries growing all around our house, so that's pretty fun.