Monday, June 7, 2010

And the next "Weekly Veggie" is...

Shiitake & Fava Beans
What? Two? 
Yep, you're seeing right. 
I originally was going to focus only on Mushrooms this week, thanks to a little nudge from my interwebs-friend Marja (safe travels lady!) But upon arriving at my favorite Natural Foods store on Saturday and perusing their lovely produce section, my eyes fell onto the alien-like pod of the Fava bean and new that I had to get them. I should also mention that this weekend was my first time ever tasting a raw Fava bean too.
Thank you to my lovely friend Kristen over at The Casual Vegan for a very coincidental post regarding the Fava Bean. While she opted to enjoy it cooked and I'll be preparing it raw she managed to do a wonderful informative write up on this still very new-to-me bean. Go visit Kristen and Greg --- they're some of my most favorite interwebs people.
I hope you guys will stick around to see what happens!


P.S. Here's something to look forward too...
Nut free: Creamy 'Cous-Cous' with Fava beans, red onion and 'BBQ' marinaded Shiitake


  1. Ooh, exciting! I just ate fava beans for the first time! :D

  2. Thanks Kristen!! I just fixed the post and linked to yours! We seem to be on the same wave-length :)

  3. How exciting! Man, do I love fava beans. We ate at the Benbow Inn last weekend where I dined on pasta with tons of fava beans from their garden. So delicious! Can't wait to see what you come up with. xo

  4. I love your posts, but I'm nervous about both of these veggies. I've heard that fava beans can be toxic raw or cooked, and I've had an anaphylacitc reaction to raw shiitake mushrooms- we're talking emergency room visit. how often do you eat these raw?

  5. Hi Aura!
    Wow - I've never known anyone with such a severe allergy to a mushroom. Is it all mushrooms, or just Shiitake? Does it make a difference if the mushroom is dehydrated? Can you eat them cooked?

    As far as Fava beans are concerned, I've learned through internet research that there are some health risks when eating them raw, found here(scroll down towards the bottom to Health Issues):

    Thankfully I don't have any health issues revolving around either of these two ingredients, but if there's anything you'd like from me in regards to the upcoming recipes pleaseplease don't hesitate to let me know.
    I eat Shiitake every once in a while, but I almost always have a big bag of fresh Crimini mushrooms in my fridge, as well as a large container of dehydrated Crimini on my kitchen shelf.


  6. These are so exciting! I've never tried a raw fava and can't wait!

  7. Do you use dried shiitakes? I think the time I had to go to the ER they were raw. I'm glad my reaction is uncommon, it wasn't fun :/