Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Veggie-addict food for thought: Community-Supported Agriculture

One of AtV's favorite blogs to frequent for eco-inspiration is The Casual Vegan. A recent post of their's not only got us really excited about the upcoming Farmer's Market season, but it's also a lovely reminder (complete with Kristin's beautiful photographs) of how important it is to support your local community farm.

"The farmers’ markets are opening up next month and I’m really looking forward to not only mingling with the veggie-eaters and growers of the community, but also having access to the wide range of plants available as the local growing season progresses...(read more of The Casual Vegan's post...)


For tips on finding your local Famer's Market, as well as local community Farms in your area check out Local Harvest.

Also check out this great post from The Lone Star Plate focusing on how powerful it can be to know what products are made and packaged locally in your area.