Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Animal Veggie Addicts: Chito the Miniature Horse!

Well now, this is really exciting! AtV is super excited to introduce the newest addition to our animal pals - Chito!

Chito is a fruit and veggie loving 14 year old miniature horse. Since he went blind he has to live in his owner's backyard but he doesn't mind. Every day he gets an apple from the neighbors as well as a mid-afternoon fruit or veggie treat from his owner. He enjoys carrots, apples, peas, celery and grapes but his favorite thing in the world is a banana. Chito's owner can't even put banana peels in the compost pile anymore. The blind mini has been known to bound right over a three foot fence to grab banana peels, as well an young peas from the garden. Chito's daily companion is a six year old border collie who loves to grab the apples right out from under Chito's nose and drop them somewhere else. Then the hunt is on! A single apple can keep these two entertained for an hour. Chito also enjoys homemade vegan banana muffins on special occasions as well as any miniature fruit or veggies his owner can find, because she thinks feeding miniature animals miniature stuff is funny.
Thank you SO much to Chito's keeper, the very talented and very crafty Rachel Klein of One Pretty Thing (we LOVE her site!) for contacting us. She and Chito wanted to share a couple of important links with AtV: for those of you who keep or are friends of miniature horses, a list of fruits and veggies to do and don't feed your horse.  Also if you are looking to donate to a very important and worthy cause - please visit the International Humane Society and give to their disaster fund which supports the displaced animals of Haiti.
If you have a furry, feathered, scaly, or "other" animal friend that would like to be a part of the Addicted to Veggies campaign please email us your photos. Try to include a fruit or vegetable in the picture, as well as a little bit of information along with the photo, i.e.; animal's name, favorite fruit or veggie, and a fun fact, tid-bit, or story. Don't forget to let us know if there is a earth/animal-friendly site you would like for us to plug, in addition to your own blog.
We look forward to *hopefully* featuring a new animal every week in our upcoming special "Animal Veggie Addicts" section.


  1. Aww, aww, aww!!! What a big bundle of delightful cuteness to wake up to! Thank you so much for featuring Chito. He sends a miniature thanks from the bottom of his adorable miniature heart. =)

  2. aww - tell him to expect a bunch of banans on his doorstep sometime within the near future. :)