Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet: Addicted to Veggies

Hi! My name is Sarahfaé

(I generally don't make a habit of eating my veggies in creepy bathrooms, contrary to this photo)

I live in a little house with a big kitchen on the beautiful coast of Northern California, with my Husband, my two feisty kitties, and two veggie loving pups!

Lucy and Elmer - favorite veggies: Carrots and Zucchini

When I’m not wearing an apron and traipsing around my kitchen you might find me:
Watching a Buster Keaton film.
Daydreaming about building a Model Railroad in my back yard (I’m a Foamer!)
Playing my guitar or piano and pretending I’m a rock-star.
Reading one of my many vintage Harlequin Romance Novels (did I just admit that?).
Doing just about any kind of outdoor activity: Running, Hiking, Badminton..you name it!
…but all of that is sort of secondary to my love, obsession if you will for all things fruit and veggie.

(To learn even more about Me hop on over to Hungry Vegan Traveler and check out my guest post/interview).

Or you can read 7 silly things about me over here (scroll down to the end of post).

- This is a No Animal Product Zone -
I have an interesting relationship with the food I eat, mainly because it’s predominantly raw, and always plant based. I guess you could call me a veggie-holic (fruit included in that title).
Oh yeah, I should also add that this is a Gluten Free zone as well!

My love of veggies (over the recent two years) has really begun to take on a life of its own. More often than not you’ll find me out-and-about, in the grocery store, in a coffee shop, at a party --- always talking enthusiastically about “new ways to eat your fruit and veggies!”
While some of the food I make seems really strange to non raw vegans, this is truly what motivates me! Because my goal with Addicted to Veggies is to inspire people of all diets and lifestyles to simply: Eat more fruits and veggies.

Raw Vegan Food can find it's way into ANYones meal...
And just because my recipes leave out certain ingredients doesn't mean you can't get creative and add your own favorite foods to them. 
My recipe motto will always be: "There are no rules, only suggestions!" I'm not gonna tell you how to eat here, but I might try to make you drool a little bit.

At the moment, here’s what you’re gonna see on this blog:

Recipes that call for at least:
• A Food Processor
• A Sharp Knife
• A good cutting board
• At the very most you may find a recipe that calls for a dehydrator. Currently I’m focusing on recipes that can offer “no dehydrator” substitutes, such as a conventional oven set at it's lowest heat with the door cracked open.
Lots and lots of FREE recipes: Some inspired by talented food bloggers, some from my collection of Vintage Cookbooks, some from the ridiculous amount of Food Network that I watch, and some from the depths of my over active imagination.
Recipes that include simple ingredients you should be able to find fairly easily in your own neighborhood grocery stores. And if any of these ingredients are not easily accessible then I will always do my best to offer substitute options. If you have further questions regarding substitute options for a specific recipe then please leave a comment on that specific recipe entry and I will answer as soon as possible!
AtV Staple Recipes: A staple recipe is one that you'll want to bookmark, because you will most certainly be seeing it as a reoccurring ingredient in future AtV recipe posts. A couple notes about staple recipes: 
I'm a big advocate for making your own condiments from scratch. This way you get to see everything that goes into your food, and really there's nothing more rewarding than looking at a plate packed full of tasty goodness and knowing that you made absolutely everything in front of you. 
I also what you guys to know how much of a huge influence my taste buds have on the food I make. This revolves around the fact that I won't settle for anything that doesn't fool me into thinking that I'm eating the real thing. I don't like bland 

AtV Favorites: These are simply that. Some of my favorite personal recipes, and what I often eat a lot of. When I'm not making new recipes.

• The “Weekly Veggie” Project (this type of post is currently on hiatus): In which I take at least one veggie/fruit each week and make a whole bunch of fun recipes revolving around it. Throughout the week you will only see recipes revolving around the highlighted "Weekly Veggie", complete with photos and recipe steps.

Write me a letter, send me some fabric to use in a photo backdrop, or even an apron (I can always use more!) - either way I want to hear from you!
Addicted to Veggies
PO Box 6627
Eureka CA 95501

Email: addicted to veggies at yahoo dot com

One final note –
I love meeting new people! If you have questions, ideas, or an inspiring story related to fruit and/or vegetables I’d love to hear from you. Food connects all of us in such a tasty way, and I really hope that through my love of the food I can connect with you.

Sarahfae - AtV


  1. Oh Sarafae, I'm so excited!! This looks wonderful, the layout and everything. I can't wait to see more!!!


  2. Eeee! my first official comment - thank you.

  3. I'm excited to add your new blog to my RSS reader!

    I'm looking forward to the reader stories you are going to publish. I have also added a link to your blog from The Casual Vegan.

  4. Very exciting! It looks fabulous! Go veggie!

  5. Oh and your banner? HILARIOUS! Love it!

  6. Hi Sarahfae,

    I absolutely love your blog! The title and blog picture is what first caught my attention. Very funny - very unique! I look forward to reading many more fun and raw posts!!!

    Peace! =)

  7. Hi Debbie!
    Thank you for the comment - it made my night :)
    Let me know if there's ever anything you'd like to see go on here (with fruits & veggies of course). I'm always looking for recipe inspiration - and I love connecting with new people and new ideas.

    Peace right back at ya~

  8. Hi A2V,

    Your blog IS awesome,I stumbled on it by accident. There is so much here God bless Ya

    The Greenzeta

  9. Thank YOU Greenzeta! I'm glad you found it too! Accidents can be RAD :)

  10. okay Sarah, how does one in the family find your email address? : )

    please write to me at my work email first, when I reply, I'll send my home email.

  11. Oh, and I LOVE this site. I'm passing it on to other family members.

    And for you other bloggers, she didn't share her apple pie cheesecake with us!

    I'll have to make my own, darn it.

  12. Ahhaha! Hi Rhonda!!
    I'm emailing you right now...

  13. Your comment about peeing your pants made me laugh so hard on our Vida Vegan Con page.

    I had to come check out your blog. I love it, and you are adorable!

    Janessa, Epicurious Vegan

  14. Janessa! Thank you for coming over!!!
    I've seriously been squealing sporadically since I typed that comment. I'm such a newbie to the blogosphere - and I'm reallyreally looking forward to attending and meeting some shiny happy vegan faces.
    Let me know if there's anything I can do on my end to help out. I'll be excitedly keeping an eye on everything as it unfolds on your end.


  15. I just discovered this blog this very minute and i am so excited! Raw recipes without having to invest in a lot of expensive equipment, score! Where in Northern California are you? (I'm in SF)

  16. Hi Bean! Thank you SO much for this exciting comment! I'm up in Humboldt County, on the coast! We're practically neighbors! :)

  17. I'm pretty sure I saw you shopping at Ross this weekend, but I was too nervous to actually say anything. Do you live in Arcata or Eureka? I live in Arcata and I'm always up for hiking/running/cycling.

  18. Hi Kat!!
    I definitely frequent the local Ross store - you're so silly for not saying hi! I'm nice, I promise (although some people say I look intimidating, and I have no idea why!). Send me an email :)

    addicted to veggies at yahoo dot com.


  19. Eeek! Just the blog I need! I came over here from Miss Crayola Creepy's blog. :) Looking forward to more of your recipes. :) Thank you! :D

  20. Sarahfae! That photo of you on the toilet with a mirror of veggie lines is hilarious! I miss you! Check your email. There's a recording of us playing together. Big fat kiss! David